NoSide LLC

NoSide is an IT consultancy that specializes in architecture, design, creation, management, deployment and maintenance.

Featured Work

Proudly worked for:

  • HealthX
  • Trizic
  • Vertabelo

We are NoSide

We have worked as software architects, technical architects, solution architects, and enterprise architects in financial services IT for over fifty years.

NoSide LLC focuses on Java, web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery mobile, web services), APIs and new technologies such as cloud services, distributed storage, graph databases, big data tools, application servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, TomEE) and database systems (MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Cassandra/Titan).

NoSide has been working on Elance as technical advisor for several start-ups.
One is a start-up in San Francisco that we have worked with since May 2014 as their "part-time, remote CTO" -- after documenting the design for their investment management software, then documenting the enterprise software non-functional requirements that they need to meet to be taken seriously in the financial services world, and was their "technical project manager" for over 6 months. We have also helped them on their business continuity planning and information security programs that they need in place to connect to some large investment firms.
Another is a more mature start-up in Indonesia, but they have several challenges with the organization of their IT team and development activities. We are helping them to put in place methods, tools and procedures.
We are also working regularly with other smaller start-ups; all related to their IT activities and most of them with a focus on efficiently outsourcing to lower-cost resources.

Tools and apps we use regularly:
  • Eclipse
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • AngularJS
  • jHipster

This is what we can do for you

Remote/Virtual CTO or Technical Advisor

We translate between different viewpoints (technical and business, technical and management, and business and management) and groups. Also, ensuring that communication is “at the right level� for different groups is extremely important.

Technical Project Management

Whether it is coordination, advising, or follow-up, we explain how to do things and ensure that your projects are done right the first time. We have worked frequently with project teams which are spread around the world: for example, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Solution Design/Architecture

Typically, you will need business "tasks" (processes) descriptions "translated" into a working description for developers to work on.
We also define and describe an architecture of a specific solution, as well as describing the entire system infrastructure and its specific parts.

Software Architecture

Advising customers and project teams on how to do things right the first time, and how to put in place the right software architecture.

Application Build

We have built various applications of diverse types for different customers; some of which we run on a cloud services set-up.

Responsive Web Design & Build

We are also active in the design and creation of responsive web sites and web apps.

A few recent works

This is what we like to hear

Some of my favorite feedback from satisfied customers:


Our NoSide consultant is very professional, competent and communicative. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Agnieszka Kozubek-Krycuń

Chief Scientist, Vertabelo


Professional and personable. I look forward to working with NoSide again

Joe Corrigan

Founder and CEO, Platinum Health / HealthX


Working with a NoSide consultant... was a pleasure. His understanding of what we needed to achieve, his technical capability and his ability to work with feedback and action it quickly means I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future. Highly recommended.

Janeece Keller

Founder and CEO, Bound Round


Very satisfied. Responsible, professional and completed the job as indicated.

Wendy M.

PR, Infragistics